Brisbane Festival 2023

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Brisbane Festival

Brisbane Festival 2023 is a highly anticipated event in Brisbane, celebrating the spirit and uniqueness of the city. It brings people together after the winter months with a burst of artistic performances and experiences. Unlike any other international arts festival, it redefines the festival experience, always staying ahead of the curve and involving the next generation.

The festival takes advantage of Brisbane’s stunning river and iconic landmarks as its stage, creating captivating art that enchants and challenges. It features a diverse international program with performances and installations from around the world, engaging in global conversations. Brisbane’s ambition shines through collaborations, commissions, and presentations.

The festival is dedicated to pushing artistic boundaries, making the impossible possible for both audiences and artists. It inspires with new ideas and experiences that leave a lasting impact, firmly establishing the festival as an integral part of Brisbane’s cultural future.

Acknowledging and honoring the city’s First Nations people, the festival collaborates with the local Indigenous community to create a rich, multi-arts program rooted in their deep cultural legacy.

As Brisbane evolves and grows, the festival embraces change with enthusiasm, authenticity, and excitement, marking a new beginning. This is the essence of the Brisbane Festival 2023, a celebration of creativity and community in the heart of the city, with voco Brisbane City Centre serving as the central hotel for many festival activities. Be Bold. Be Brave. Be Brisbane.

Experience the magic of Brisbane Festival like never before by staying at voco Brisbane City Centre, right at the heart of all the action. As the epicenter of the festival’s vibrant activities, voco offers you the perfect blend of comfort and convenience.


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